Sharing Information with Parents/Carers

We are committed to sharing information with parents/carers to ensure that each individual child’s requirements are fully met.  We will discuss individual requirements and each child’s key person provides information at the end of the day to parents/carers regarding meals, play activities, rest etc., as required.  A sheet recording such information is provided after each session to parents for reference purposes, cross referenced to areas of learning as appropriate to the age group, and a copy is kept in the development folder for each child to record their activities and to help with forward planning and charting of progress against learning goals.

Parental Participation

We will work closely with you to ensure your child’s education is fun and stimulating.    A calendar is displayed on the nursery notice board which charts festivals and special activity weeks with suggestions on how parents can get involved.  Topics and themes are changed regularly work which the children have done is displayed around the nursery on a weekly basis, and their own original art is encourage and available for collection from their named tray which is accessible to parents/carers along with their child’s development records.  We invite formal discussion at parents/carers evenings, and encourage two way communication informally at all times (or by appointment where parents request it or where we feel it is in the child’s interests to have a one to one meeting).